Have Husband, Will Travel
Have Husband, Will Travel
Shanghai Excitement

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We're Antony and David, and we love going on adventures.

Sometimes those are hopping on a train and visiting London to see a new exhibition and other times they're travelling to some far off place to explore somewhere brand new. Wherever our adventure takes us, some things don't change: we'll take lots of photos, we'll probably find the best bars and restuarants and we normally have a knack of finding the best rooms in town for a great price. And now, via Have Husband, Will Travel, we'll share our adventures.

But it's not just about us, no really! We want to hear from you.

Is there somewhere you'll think we'll love? Maybe there's a new travel product you'd like to tell us about or have us try out and share our honest thoughts? Or maybe you've noticed something on the site that needs a tiny correction? Whatever you want to talk to us about, please talk to us using the form below!

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