Cocktail Hour: The Sidecar

Take me back to New Orleans! 

Teleportation doesn't exist just yet, but, in the spirit of mindfulness, the nearest I can get to it is sipping a Sidecar, which is perhaps my favourite cocktail, and I'm back in NOLA (although Paris and London both claim ownership of the drink).

Any bartender worth their salt should be able to make one (and it's usually on the 'Classics' page of any menu, but it's a really simple one to make at home too:

  • 45ml of Brandy (let's call it 50ml to make it easier!)
  • 30ml of orange liqueur (I prefer Grand Marnier but a lot of recipies will suggest Cointreau)
  • 15ml of (fresh!) lemon juice

Mix all the liquids into a cocktail shaker over ice, and shake until chilled suitably and then strain into a chilled glass. Most photographs of this cocktail you'll see with a sugar rim to the glass, but I prefer without. 

If you're ever out of Brandy, there's a nice little variation you can make with Bourbon (A Sidecar on Bourbon Street) for that real New Orleans charm.

What's your favourite cocktail? Where have you visited which makes the best Sidecar? Let us know in the comments.